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Jade was lost in Yellowstone National Park for 44 days

Set against the magnificent backdrop of the Yellowstone National Park wilderness, "Bring Jade Home" is a gripping true tale of loss, the bond between people and animals, and the power of redeeming love.
David Sowers and Laura Gillice are seriously injured in a head-on collision while vacationing in the Park with their dogs. When they are ambulanced away, David’s fifteen-month-old Australian shepherd, Jade, bolts into the over two-million-acre wilderness and disappears. The young dog faces the threats of starvation, predators, and the hostile landscape of Yellowstone itself. 
The day after the wreck, critically injured David leaves the Trauma Center in a desperate effort to find his beloved dog. Eventually an enormous search effort is launched, spearheaded by Park employee Kat Brekken and fueled by social media. Previously, the longest a dog was lost and found alive in Yellowstone was two weeks. As each passing day breaks that record, Jade is occasionally spotted. Against all the odds, the young Aussie is alive.
Bring Jade Home is a heartwarming tale of a dog whose trials bring out the generosity of spirt and the best in people.

Bring Jade Home

Independent review from Kirkus.com

Drawing on personal interviews, Caffrey captures the torment of Jade’s family each time the pup is sighted, only to disappear once again. Her secondary-source research adds a wealth of information about Yellowstone and the challenges posed by the intimidating wildlife that call the park home—wolf packs, grizzly bears, coyotes, and bison. Detours into the back stories of Laura, David, and Kat Brekken (a park reservationist who worked tirelessly to keep the search active) add poignancy, dimension, and context to an already remarkable tale. Straightforward, unadorned prose is engrossing enough to keep readers turning the pages.
Not just for dog lovers; a passionate reminder of the wonders of Yellowstone and its inhabitants at a time when our national parks are being threatened.​.