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Drawing on personal interviews, Caffrey captures the torment of Jade’s family each time the pup is sighted, only to disappear once again. Her secondary-source research adds a wealth of information about Yellowstone and the challenges posed by the intimidating wildlife that call the park home—wolf packs, grizzly bears, coyotes, and bison. Detours into the back stories of Laura, David, and Kat Brekken (a park reservationist who worked tirelessly to keep the search active) add poignancy, dimension, and context to an already remarkable tale. Straightforward, unadorned prose is engrossing enough to keep readers turning the pages.
Not just for dog lovers; a passionate reminder of the wonders of Yellowstone and its inhabitants at a time when our national parks are being threatened.​


The True Story of a Dog Lost in Yellowstone

I expected to enjoy the story, but I was completely absorbed by it. I read the book in one day because I didn’t want to put it down. Michelle weaves facts about Yellowstone and the perils Jade faced expertly into the story of Jade and her family. I never knew a lot about Yellowstone so it was interesting to read some of the background and to realize just how huge it is and realize how smart Jade was to be able to survive that long.


Bring Jade Home is a true story that reads like a literary thriller. It’s a page-turner of a book with a mystery at its heart and a cast of well-drawn characters. After a number of false hopes and crushing disappointments, the mystery is finally solved. Even the most unemotional of readers will be moved by the ending. It is the perfect book for animal lovers, particularly dog lovers, but it has a wider appeal - it is uplifting, it shows to what lengths we as humans will go to help each other when moved to do so.  An inspiring story for just about everyone.


The first page sets the tone for a sudden life-changing experience and immediately involves the reader in the suffering and loss that connect the characters as they search for a beloved companion. I feel like I lived each day of the disaster, depression, and disappointment of losing a loved one, ultimately finding the hope, humor, and human connection that saves us all from despair.